Let’s Regroup and Start Again

The first loss of the playoffs is always hard.  Luckily for us, it’s taken till the second round before we felt it.  That gutwrentching feeling that something just went wrong.  Screws up your entire weekend, until the next game that tis.  There’s a reason these series are a best of seven.  It’s so that we can start anew again tomorrow.  

Few Thoughts on Last Night:

Howard Was Incredible 

Jimmy’s looked great all playoffs, but he hasn’t looked as sharp as he did last night.  He made some absolutely phenomenal saves throughout the game. Mostly though, he was solid and was in perfect position for all of them.  The only way you were going to beat him last night was on a fluke goal, which unfortunately came his way.  

Pavel, Zetterberg, and Homer Dominated

In a series with more depth than the any ocean, it was clear that our line one was the standout.  Every-time they were on the ice, magic was made.  Pavel is still on top of his game, and is, without a doubt, the best player in the world right now.  Zetterberg had a solid, though a bit rusty first game back.  Homer done good too.  The whole line just needed a little more shoot, but I liked what I saw.  

The Rest of Our Lines Looked Slow

Save Hulder and Helm, every other line looked lethargic, timid and slow.  After the first, every time Detroit didn’t have the number one line out, the puck was in the Wings zone.  The fourth line was pinned in their own zone quite often.  Franzen didn’t have a shot on net.  Fil looked weak and tired.  Eaves barley played.  I think we need to look at dressing Mikey Mo next game.  The Sharks have a lot of firepower, the Wings need to comeback with their own.  

Get the Puck Out E

Continuing on this mantra, the fan favorite whipping boy, Johnny Ericsson, had a pretty atrocious game.  Everytime he was on the ice, I clenched a little tighter.  His D partner for the game, Rafalski, isn’t the type of player that can stabilize him either.  Split these two up Babbles, for my sake. 

The Refereeing Was More of the Same

12 minutes of PP times for the Sharts vs. 4 for Detroit.  Deja vu much?  The calls on Eaves and Bertuzzi were pathetic (Bertuzzi got called for what, checking?).  But its not so much the specific calls that get me.  It’s the simple fact that there was NO consistency last night.  It’s like driving by a cop doing 60 in a big group of cars doing 70 and having him pull you over.   Why those were penalties and not others I have no idea.  

The SJ Announcers Made Me Want to Gouge My Eyes Out With a Set of Keys

How SJ has a solid fanbase with those two announcing their games, I don’t know.  Now I get Homer announcers and actually would be pissed if my local announcing crew wasn’t rooting ever so slightly for one team.  Mickey and Ken are, though they do it in a way that is also objective.  They can call a spade a spade, even when they are clearly rooting for one side.  Hell our own Drunken Murph actually roots against the Wings.  But these two idiots last night, apparently totally unaware that they were on nationally, were so unable to see anything other than the company line that I felt like I was listening to North Korea propaganda.  The entire Howard/Pavalski scrum last night consisted of them being absolutely bewildered that Pavalski got a penalty for “accidentally” spraying Howard (which was f’ing intentional btw), totally ignoring the huge (and completely random) right hook he threw into Val’s face.  Every single thing was seen through strong teal colored glasses and, for a national broadcast, was pathetic.  

But that’s not all folks.  These two knob-slobbers were easily the two most talentless hacks I’ve ever heard broadcast a game.  The lifeless commentary, confused play by play and an overall college radio feel made it simply painful to listen to.  Anyone catch the announcers on the Wings first goal?  I was just walking into the room and thought that maybe a player was down or the puck had gone over the glass.  Nope, the Wings scored their first goal and the announcers just slept through it.  

I’ve never had a day where I would have prayed for Joe Beninati, Pierre McGuire, and “Enzo,” but last night changed that.   Thanks Versus. 

Well enough of that.  24 hours and the Wings get another shot to roast that hack Neimi.   LGRW.