Let the Chicago Hate Begin

With the first game against the hated Chicago Blackhawks tomorrow night, I figured the hate needs to start early. Yes Chicago, We are your biggest rival. You may claim that it’s Vancouver, but only an idiot “fan” of the Blackhawks, which is the large majority of you would think that statement true. In your world the NHL started in 2009.

I’m here to let you in on a little secret. WE are your biggest rivals, and have been since 1926. you may bring out the “dead wing” reference every once in a while, but do you really even understand to what you are referring? A bad decade doesn’t matter when you have 11 cup, 6 conference and 19 division championship banners in the rafters along with Gordie Howe, Ted Lindsay, Alex Delvecchio, Sid Abel, Terry Sawchuk and Steve Yzerman’s names.

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I’m a Red Wings fan and nothing will ever change that. I live and die with my team, every game, every trade. It doesn’t matter how good or bad.

This is in no way an attack on the city of Chicago or its loyal fans, this is just a letter to the few that have ruined my perception of the Blackhawk fan base. If this offends you then good, you are who I am writing about.

Born and raised in metro Detroit and moving to Chicago 5 years ago opened my eyes, I thought that being a fan meant that you supported your team no matter what. Boy was I wrong.

The first year I was here you would have thought the city didn’t even have a hockey team. Now I understand that hockey isn’t the most popular sport, but this is an original six city, yet even after winning the Stanley Cup the “fans” got bored.

In Chicago the hockey season seems to start in October and end a few weeks later. If the team is good it will start-up again in April. “Fans” buy jerseys of players that have little chance of ever sticking with the team, they claim dynasty after one solid season, and they start “Detroit Sucks!” chants even if the team they are playing isn’t Detroit. Heck, even at Cubs games where Detroit has no connection at all.

Now I know that there are some real Blackhawks fans out there, I’ve met them and have had many wonderful conversations about Hockey with them, they know who Tony Amonte is, even Martin Lapointe (you know the captain of the team in 2008). Or that Michael Leighton was the starter before the lockout.

The breakdown at the United Center is 10% real fan, 90% bandwagon. Which is fine, true fandom has to start someplace, but please if you just became a fan be proud of that. Learn the game, ask questions and become informed before trying to be the informer. Don’t claim to be something you are not, don’t tell me that the Red Wings are too old or on the decline while wearing your crisp Byfuglien or Niemi jersey shirt.

Lastly let me be a fan of my team without being approached with ignorant comments or threats, I’m minding my business. I don’t need to hear what malicious things you will do to my mother or children. Have some respect for yourself and the people who truly love the sport.