LAK-Luster Kings Meet Awakened Datsyuk

Hello again! Or do I say “Aloha” on this Pacific tour? Detroit is visiting my part of the world, a little too far west for my liking, actually, staying away from the gun-toting Wild West and playing all three California teams in 4 days. We can thank Commish Bettman for that.

For today’s game I was on the road, again. Driving back from Mesa (which is Spanish for “table,” located in a “valley;” I don’t understand it either) I had Ken Kal and Paul Woods on the radio to celebrate the re-Awakening of my half-brother and DNA source from which I’m cloned, Pavel Valerievich.

Really this team played well all game, and the one goal against was a minor blip in the radar we’ve seen all too often in which we absolutely dominate a team from puck drop until the horn sounds but a couple of bad bounces and we lose 2-1 or worse. I liked how they didn’t let this one get them down. In fact, considering the mindf*** of Pavelski’s shorty at the end of the first in the previous game against SJ, I feel like they let that one in just to show their fans “Look, we can make a huge mistake and rebound from it.”

Kronner is, as Teemu Selanne likes to put it in his best Val Kilmer voice, “dangerous.” I really liked his pinch on the PP and am happy we’re not as stagnant and powerless as we were earlier in the season.

Also the PK has given up fewer goals than the PP in the last couple of games, how scary is that?

In a matchup of what typically comes down to the two young, talented, heroic American goaltenders, Pavel Valerievich steals the show and I think I speak for the entire Red Wings nation when I say it feels better than usual to have him show up on the scoresheet for a win.

Lastly, I am actually glad I get to pick up Ken Kal and Paul Woods on the road so much. The best part of that tandem is the roadtrips. Ken Kal is always mentioning inappropriate perks to life on the road only to be told “Thanks for the information there, uh, Ken…” by his colleague. If you kids have any chance to hear them and are unable to watch Ken and Mick, then I say do it. They make having a smartphone worth the while. I use the app “Tune In” to pick up all the Wings games and have 97.1 The Ticket on a preset. Download that app if you don’t have it, and bookmark 93.1 KEXP out of Seattle while you’re at it.

See you kids tomorrow, I’ll try and follow the entire game and post a re-cap. Good night and Bear Down, Arizona for the 85th Duel in the Desert.