Kings vs Red Wings Recap

Big night for Emmerton and Miller. Big night for the Red Wings.

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Our third and fourth lines were outstanding tonight. Great hustle by those guys and they were finishing on their chances.

As much as I loved having Pav and Hank on the same line, the combination of Datsyuk/Franzen and Zetterberg/Filppula has been great. Bert is also contributing on a regular basis and is not screwing up much.


I like when Stuart gets mad. We saw that against the Sharks last year and now the Kings this year. Mad-Brad is a scary guy with a heck of a shot.

Emmerton’s first goal doesn’t happen if Ericsson fans on the one-timer. I know that’s obvious, but I feel the need to compliment Big Rig on this one. The puck was in his skates and it’s not easy for a big guy to one-time a shot like that. He did and it ended up in the net. If I was a GM on another team and I was looking for a quality young… forget it.

Nice to see Howard stand up for himself, again. I’d say he’s our best enforcer so far this year. If not him, then Pavel.

Speaking of Howard: He does need to work on playing the puck. Two games, two mistakes, two penalties.

NOHS favorite moment of the game: Emmerton at intermission with his bloody nose. Once he realized he was bleeding on TV, he just shrugged it off. That’s a hockey player for you.

Question for you guys: Obviously we want the Red Wings to play a full 60 minute hockey game. Not 40 minutes, not 55 minutes. A full 60 minutes. Last year, the Wings would start terrible and finish strong. Lately, they’ve started strong, but fallen asleep. Which do you think is worse? Blazing start and slow finish? Slow start and strong finish?

Next game is Monday in Edmonton. Puck drops at 9:30 EST.