Ken Daniels VERSUS Dave Strader

Here’s another installment from our guest and good friend “JOFA” whom some of you might have met at H2H2…

So I turned on the VS game of the night and heard a familiar voice. Our own Kenny Daniels was doing the play-by-play for the Flyers vs Capitals game last night in Philly. At first I questioned what I was hearing, but after a quick phone verification with Andrew and seeing all the chatter on twitter about it, I was sure.

My question is what is Kenny doing on the National Broadcast? Is this a sign of him leaving for a full time national gig or is this an occasional type of thing?

This also got me thinking about former Wings play-by-play Dave Strader. He went national after doing Wings games back on the old Pass Sports. He’s bounced around with the NHL’s national coverage packages over the years. Currently he is doing double duty as the play-by-play guy for the Coyotes (I wonder what percentage of their annual attendance he is?) and is the #2 announcer for the NHL on NBC and NHL on VS.

But back to the real topic, I like Kenny and Mickey and don’t want them to break up. However, Kenny would do a good job on the national broadcasts and be an upgrade to what is commonly used. Congrats to Kenny for getting the national exposure. You deserve it. But don’t leave the best organization in the NHL. Be like those players who take less $$$ to play for the Wings because its just a smart decision.