Keepin’ It Real

As Dan Cleary stared into the eyes of this anonymous Wings fan, he knew he had finally found true love. 

So this weekend really couldn’t have gone much better.  Two wins, both in dominating fashion, with the offense and defense kicking on all cylinders.  The big boys are scoring, Hudler looks like a new, improved Oompa Loompa, the Conk is still blocking, and the two kids and a ‘Tuzzi line might be my favorite thing since Patty Kane punched a cabbie.  Things are looking good.

But I have to be a bit of a downer.  The two wins we’ve picked up?   They’ve been against the two teams picked to finish near or at the bottom of the standings for each division.  Detroit should beat these teams in the fashion they did.  So while it is great to see the Wings live up to potential, we’ll have to wait till Thursday to see how they do against those unaccountable rioters in Vancouver to get a real sense of where everything stands. 

So on that downer note, I’ve wanted to share this next thing for a while.   The worst blogger on the internet (no, not you Lambert, you’re just the biggest douche) who has people actually pay him money for his crap posted his season predictions a few days back.  When he got to the central division, hilariousness was introduced to all.   I’m not going to link to the article, because that’s what he wants, but here’s his Detroit prediction, with everything intact as posted, except I’ve italicized a few parts which I thought were worth highlighting:

#2. Detroit

The Red Wings will need to adjust to life without Rafalski and that will be more difficult than I think anyone is speaking to. The defense is suspect and if Jimmy Howard going to be able to avoid the sophomore slump that could kill this team. Ty Conklin as a backup is great…as a starter is risky.

Up front when you have Datsyuk and Zetterberg you have a playoff team. These two are able to control games by themselves. It always amazes me how I hear people STILL saying, NHL people mind you, saying they are shocked at how good Datsyuk and Zetterberg are. By now you would think this would be known, but especially out east these guys aren’t respected and it burns teams time and time again.

The player I could see really being game changer this season and why I still feel the Wings will challenge for the division is I a hunch we could see Johan Franzen take it to another level. Franzen at his best is almost impossible to get off the puck and as creative as any player in the NHL…and when he can’t fake you out…well he will do through you.

At the end of the day it’s up to Jimmy Howard as it was last year. The Wings will need him to steal 3-5 games or the playoffs could be a tough mark to hit. Last year, midway through the season, I was convinced the Wings were done…and as always, whenever I think the Wings are done…they aren’t.

Where to start right?  Howard’s sophomore slump in his third season?  Defense suspect?  Conklin as a starter?  And that’s only the first paragraph!  The Franzen remark is nice, but Johan creative?  We all wish.  He’s a goal scoring machine at times, but he’s not creative.  He scores.  Period.

And finally, midway through the season last season, when this genius thought that the “Wings were done,” the standings looked something like this:

So finished, that Detroit found themselves 1st in West and 2nd in the league.  Yet not all is bad with this imbicle’s predictions.  He, for whatever reason has Nashville finishing ahead of Detroit, which is completely idiotic, yet has Chicago finishing last.  Any chance that I can laugh at Chicago is a good time.