Justice Served: Stewart Suspended 3 Games

Yesterday’s game featured what I thought was a potentially career ending hit on Kronwall.   I was watching the St. Louis feed and even their announcers were stunned at how dirty Chris Stewart’s hit was.  (Btw, the St. Louis announcers aren’t terrible.  That’s rare I can say that.)  Click the jump for the ruling and thoughts.

Well today, Shanahan’s banhammer came down and it landed on 3 games. 

Is that enough?  I think so.  I would have said five, however, you have to factor in the fact that Stewart missed near the entire game, so essentially that’s four games.  That’s close enough. 

It was a brutally dangerous hit and despite the fact that we got our ass beat last night, we can be thankful that Kronner’s ok.  We all live to play another game.