Jimm…Wait No…Osgood Starting

My freshman year on my college team, I was one of three goaltenders that played.  Our coach had a strange (lazy) thing about him where he wouldn’t decide on the starter until literally right before the game.  Twice I went through warm-ups without knowing if I was playing.  

Talk about a mind-f*ck.  Sometimes I played great, sometimes I didn’t when this happened.  But this was a regular occurrence.   Once in a while, it can be a great motivator.  And that’s what Mr. Babcock did today to Chris Osgood.  

Chris Osgood departed Detroit on Monday thinking he was going to be backing up Jimmy Howard for tonight’s game in Edmonton (9 p.m., FSD Plus).

When they arrived in Edmonton, Osgood got a nice surprise: Coach Mike Babcock changed his mind and decided to start Osgood tonight. Howard will start Friday in Calgary. 

I like this.  Osgood’s been playing well lately and Howard has been playing, well, not bad, but not great either.  A rotation is needed and I hope Osgood plays well enough to make Babbles keep him in it.  

Eaves will be back today as well.