Jimmah(!) to Mike Milbury: STFU

“Without question.” 

That was Mike Milbury’s response (and all of Versus’ as well) to the question:  ‘Is Jimmy Howard was suffering mentally from the Wings going after Evgeni Nabokov?’ 

Jimmah’s response last night?  STFU you overrated, bigheaded, blowhard.  He pulled a win out of his a** last night.  Milbury’s comments make even less sense when you look at the games since the Nabokov confusion. 

In the four games that Jimmah has started since the Nabby signing, Jimmah’s record looks lke this.

4 3 1 0 2.51 92.2%

Pretty good stuff there.  Prior to that, however, it wasn’t so pretty. 

4 1 1 0 5.23 84.3%

So in actuality, the Nabby signing actually looks like it motivated Jimmah more than killed his confidence.   Looks like ya got another one wrong Mike.

Other inquiries that Milbury has responded to with his now infamous response of  “Without Question:”

Mike, do you think that..

“….Alexei Yashin is going to be the next Wayne Gretzky?”

“…6’7″ murderous defensemen are going to be a dime a dozen soon in the league?”

“…that kid Roberto Loungo is really going to struggle in the NHL?”

“…you’re job is safe, especially with that new hotshot backup goaltender in town?”

“…DiPietro would be a great enforcer?”

“…Pierre McGuire will respect your personal space during the intermission show?”

“…you can climb over the glass with your skates on to attack some helpless fan?”

“…you’ll go down in history for your work as a GM?”

Mike Milbury (repeating):  “Without Question.”

Well, I gotta say, he did get that last one right on the money.