It’s just one game…

Unlike the aptly named Semin from the Caps, the Wings realize that there’s no need to blow their load after just one game.  In fact, that’s the refrain they echoed after their impressive victory yesterday

“This is one game,” Franzen said.

“It’s one game,” center Pavel Datsyuk said.

“Again,” coach Mike Babcock said, “this is just one game.”  

It takes a long, long sixteen games to win the chalice and some teams know this, while others just have a goal of getting to the second round.  Though we worried, the Wings know that they have the switch which they can flip to find that little bit more inside of them.   The other teams notice this too…

“All of a sudden, they scored a couple goals, and the crowd got into it, and it was a whole different game,” Turris said. “They seemed a lot more calm and kind of in their comfort zone. They started getting more and more momentum as the game went on.”

Be impressed Kyle, be very impressed.  The switch has been flipped.