It’s a Regular Homecoming: Welcome Back Cleary!

Dan Cleary, aka Charlie Buckets, returned to the ice today and felt good out there.  According to Khan(!):

Detroit Red Wings forward Danny Cleary made it through a full practice Tuesday and said his right ankle felt as good as it has since it was fractured on Dec. 26.

“Today was the best day it’s felt so far,” Cleary said. “Babs (coach Mike Babcock) keeps asking me every day.”

He hopes to return Feb. 2 in Ottawa, the first game following the all-star break, but that’s not definitive.

Sounds good to me.  Babbles doesn’t believe Clearly actually broke his ankle though, as shown in this funny little quip:

“He tells me his ankle is broken,” Babcock said. “He skates the best I’ve ever seen anybody for a broken ankle.”

Welcome back Danny, keep up that torrent goal scoring pace you had going please.