Impressed With Brunnstrom’s “Debut”

He looks just as angry as Ville Leino in all his pictures though.

Sure he played in the game against Washington, but that game was barely a game and I missed it, so it doesn’t count.  So, in my mind, Brunnstrom’s first game with Detroit was Saturday, and I walked away impressed.  Click the jump for more.

First off, I didn’t realized how tall the kid is.  6’3″ and a hell of a wing span. Sure that cost him a penalty, but that’ll happen and it was more of a bad place bad time deal then because of anything. 

He protected the puck well, using that aforementioned wingspan, and worked well with his linemates. Moreso, he got himself in scoring areas and messed with (a very overrated) Hiller enough to allow Nick to fire one past him.  Some people are calling for interference, but that’s complete crap.  He put himself in a good position and earned that assist. 

But the most impressive thing was that I noticed him when he was on the ice, even though he was playing on the fourth line.  He’s a scorer at heart and usually when you put a scorer on the fourth line, those types of players can be invisible.  But I noticed him all over the ice, the entire game. 

I hope he gets some more chances this season to prove himself.  He’s a good player and has a chance to really bring something to the team, but only if he gets some ice time.   I’d rather see him playing over Emmerton without question.  At the very least, this shows the rediculous depth Detroit has at forward. 

What are your thoughts on the kid?