Hulktuzzi – Photoshop of the Week

I love a good Wings photoshop.  Who doesn’t?  So I thought I’d share one I found this week which I love – full credit goes to the awesomely named “Deathtothehawks” over at KK: 


The Gretzky in the background makes it even better.  Love the ‘tuzzi.  

Reminds me of Franzen Smash!

Both are great, but my favorite is, and always likely will be: “When Hudlers Attack.”  I wish I knew who made this great great photoshop.  I’d hang this on my basement wall if I could. 


If you find or make a great Wings photoshop, send it (with credits) to and we’ll post it up with full credit.  Maybe we’ll even do some sort of contest for the best photoshop of the year. 

Go Wings! 

(BTW, there’s a problem with Bloguin right now where it says no comments even though there are comments in a post.  So just a FYI.  I love the new system though, seems to give comments a much better flow.  I think they’d be perfect for a live blog if anyone was interested…)