Hudler is Ready to Rock ‘n’ Roll

I’ll admit, if I wasn’t worried that it’d become more worthless in a month than a Charles Rogers jersey, I’d buy a Hudler jersey in a second.  I’ve never quite figured out why, but I love the little midget pimp.  Wait, I remember…

hudlerlaughThis is the best picture on the internet.  F’ you Max Talbot.

Anyways, Happy didn’t have such a great year last year.  Actually, that might be the understatement of the week.  Everwhere you look, there are chants of trade Hudler, Hulder sucks, and sit the oompa loompa!    And while I think those are a little tough on the hooker loving Czech, it appears that lil’ spitter has been listening

After a disastrous season, Jiri Hudler felt change was in order.

So he changed his summer training regimen, rededicated himself and left a 10-goal year as far away as possible. 

“Time will tell but I feel real good,” said Hudler, who trained in Montreal for nearly three months under Jonathan Chambers, who works with a variety of UFC fighters.

One thing you’ve never heard about Jiri was that he was a hard worker, so this is actually a nice change of pace.   Is he going to be like Hulktuzzi now?  Well probably not.  But still, a ripped little pimp is a step in the right direction. 

But, he believes he can — and will — do more offensively. He had 27 assists and was minus-7 last season.

“The first thing I was thinking was ‘that’s terrible,'” Hudler said. “I said (after the season ended) ‘OK, that’s behind me and let’s put some work into it and do better next year.

Great to hear him admit how terrible last season really was for him.  This is a good attitude for the midget to have; a sign of maturity that might mean that he will finally live up to his potential.