How About Draper?

So Kris Draper’s son’s ninth birthday isn’t until Saturday – but he was there with eight of his little buddies to watch his dad play the Boston Bruins according to the Free Press.

“He wasn’t asking for a goal, he was more or less telling me to get a goal. I think you could tell by the smile on my face I was pretty pumped when it went in.” –Kris Draper

I actually made mention about how excited he looked to the Future Mrs. Nightmare on Helm Street as we watched my recording on TiVo.  Draper, who will be 40 this May has six goals and eight points in only 28 games played this year.  He is in his17th season with Detroit and proving that he still has plenty to offer this team.

“I thought Drapes was good.  That line has been a real constant for us — they seem to do things right for us each and every night. That line, over the last while, even when we weren’t playing well, was one of our better lines.” –Mike Babcock

draperchucknorrisWhen the Wings were on their way to the Stanley Cup in 2008, Babcock said that his oldest players were in the best shape…obviously he was referring to Lidstrom, but Draper also works hard to keep up with the kids in the NHL.

“Physically, I feel great.  With the way I take care of myself, I feel good and hockey is fun right now, going out and chipping in with some goals. In the big picture, when everyone gets healthy, do I know what my role is? No. But I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing, and I feel I can still play.” –Kris Draper

Draper in his the last year of his contract.

Apparently, Drapes also gave Ozzie flowers before the game and like a gentleman….he received a small kiss in return.

Oh and Dallas signed former Wing, Jason Williams.  Ha ha…really?  Yes, really.