Howard and Quick: Two of USA’s Best

If you were to pick three goaltenders who you’d want on your team from watching this season, who would you pick?  I’d pick two of the three guys who are starting in net in Detroit’s game tonight:  Jimmy Howard, Jonathan “I’m Not Slow” Quick, and Tim “I’m Gunna Hit You” Thomas.  

What do they all have in common other than being very good?  They’re all born right here in the U.S. of A.   

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Additionally, they all play a similar, athletic yet techinical profly style.  Not one of these three is a Carey Price, who could not be more technically perfect goaltender, but doesn’t have that ability to do anything out of the mold (what Marc-Andre Fleury was at the beginning of his career.)  No is anyone a blocking cheater like Niemi or Lundqvist.  Rather, they know when to be technically sound, yet have the ability to do whatever it takes to make a desparation save.  

Quick is one of the most flexible goaltenders in the league.  Thomas has that Hasek like ability and pure hatred for the puck.  And this season, Howard’s added this desparation ability to his game and it hass shown in saves like this.

These types of saves have happened over and over again (sometimes with a little help from Brad Stuart of course) this season.  Howard simply not given up on a play and it seems more often than not, he’s kept the puck, somehow, out.  

Last game, for the first time in forever, the puck didn’t bounce Jimmy’s way.  Today, we’ll see how he bounces back against one of the lowest scoring, yet still dangerous teams.  

I always played my best when I knew I was going against one of the best on the other side.  I think Jimmy will do the same thing tonight.