Home Video of Crosby Discovered

Poor kid. I’m sure he’ll turn it around one of these days. Once he sees how his hero acts and how the Red Wings play the game, he’ll follow his in parents foot steps and support the good guys for the rest of his life.

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Via Puck Daddy:

It’s tough being a preadolescence sports fan. You can find a team and you can love them, but it’s hard to understand that others are allowed to like different teams, and you often find yourself at odds with those that you love.


What a cool dad.

And the best quote from the PD article:

Leahy’s a Penguins fan and Lambert’s the exact opposite of a Red Wings fan, so I imagine if they had a kid, this is exactly what he would be like.

I’m not familiar with this Harrison Mooney guy, but he just gained a great many cool points from this blog.

Now, we all can see the humor in a child in a Crosby jersey rolling on the ground, crying his eyes out, so let’s see your jokes in the comments below. Make me proud.