Home Cooking

holland1“We’ve put ourselves in good position.  We’ve done a lot of traveling the last two months. The guys are excited to hang up their clothes in their closets for two weeks.” –Ken Holland

That quote via Khan(!).  The Red Wings will kick-off a five game home tonight against a Crosby and Malkin-less Penguins team.  The Wings will not play another road game until the month of April when they will re-visit Nashville on Saturday, the 2nd.

Holland also spoke about the team’s motivation to play strong…

“We’re trying to hang onto the division. We’re trying to hang onto the No. 2 seed. If we can beat Vancouver, maybe we can take a run at them.  There’s lots to play for.”

…yet aren’t willing to take any risks that could hurt their chances in the post-season…

“We don’t want to take any chances with 10 games left.  We’ve found in the past when guys have tender groins (in Franzen’s case) and we’ve pushed them it can get worse. We’re going to err on the side of caution.”

winged_wheelSo, as we stated yesterday, the 7-11 lineup will remain in place until Chris Osgood gets healthy enough to dress.  This home stretch is just what this team needs.  They don’t play back-to-back games which will really help our depleted lineup rest in between contests.  With San Jose breathing right down our necks, let’s hope that Detroit can use the home ice advantage to help cancel out the desperation of some of the opponents they will face.

Monday – Pittsburgh Penguins
Wednesday – Vancouver Canucks
Saturday – Toronto Maple Leafs
Monday – Chicago Blackhawks
Wednesday – St. Louis Blues

Bring it on.