Holy Hel(m)

For three years it seems like we’ve been watching the same show over and over: Darren Helm takes the puck thru the middle, outskates both defenders, finds himself one-on-one with the goalie and then whiffs on the breakaway.  It could happen two or three times a game and was almost a guarantee.  

This seemed more ridiculous than the Luis Mendoza being on Team USA and skating circles around everyone,  but couldn’t stop.  I mean come on Disney, stopping is like the first thing you learn.  You aren’t making it out of house league if you can’t stop, no matter what else you do.  And come on, a team plays as Team USA, then moves up to be a JV high school team?  No freaking way.  

Either way, Helm’s been a dominate force everywhere but on the scoresheet.  Well not anymore.   The Namesake has been on fire lately, scoring 11 points in his last 11 games.  He’s already put up 20 points, and is on pace to destroy career high of 24 points.

Remember a few years back, Franzen just decided to start scoring and hasn’t really stopped since?  Well hopefully that is what we’ve just witnessed with Helmer.  

We have a lifetime Wing here folks.   And now maybe a scoring threat too.