Hockey Gods Giveth and Taketh Away

howard19I think Gamewrecker Twig summed it nicely in his post game yesterday.  On the box score, you might see four goals against and say that Jimmy Howard had a bad night…but that was really not the case. Sure, let in four goals and sure, he had a brain fart behind the net and now officially has more penalty minutes on the season than Chris Conner and Gustav Nyquist put together.  But the goals themselves were anything but his fault.

Weird bounces, Shea Weber slap shots, and blown defensive coverages – all things that Jimmy Howard has little to no control over.

Oh and how about that magic puck that got away from Datsyuk on the door step that would have put the game on ice?  Pretty sure it was the same magic puck that Weber wristed…that’s right….wristed from the point that took a hop over Howard’s shoulder.

The hockey gods giveth and they taketh away…

More details after the jump (including some real news!)

The only problem is they tooketh from Datsyk and gaveth to Shea Webber last night…a double whammy for us Red Wings fans.

But those games will happen – like it or not.  Here’s how the standings shake out heading into tonight’s action…

Let’s see if two evils (Bruce Boudreau and the Anaheim Mighty Ducks) can keep us within three points of Chicago with two games in hand…it’s not often that I root for the team that Emelio built.  Regardless of how the Poultry do against Little Brother tonight – I seriously doubt that Chicago is going to be able to maintain the pace that they’re on.  The hockey gods of offense have been kind to the Hawks…but the gods of defense are getting pissed on account of neglect.  And I suspect their spite will come raining down one of these days.  Chicago is second in the league in terms of goals for but sits 12th in goals against.  They’ve given up 28 more goals than Detroit has this season…28.

But back to in-house business.  Justin Abdelkader is okay…relatively speaking.  Abdelkader took a rocket off what appeared to be the ankle last night.  But it appears to only be a bruise on his foot, according to the Detroit Free Press:

“It’s sore.  It’s going to be sore, but it’s just one of those things where there’s always going to be bumps and bruises during a season.” –Justin Abdelkader

As for the game against the Los Angeles Kings tomorrow…the force is strong with Abdelvader:


“I’ll be ready.  When you put your foot in the skate, sometimes it gets sore. That’s all.”

So the hockey gods gave us a loss, but didn’t take away another player.  It could have been worse.