History WILL Be Made

“We’ve got a group that’s won together. We’ve got a good core and have been together a long time.  We weren’t kidding ourselves, we really felt we could do this. We focused on one game, not thinking we had to win four.” –Danny Cleary

Some morning quotes from Khan(!) on the morning of Game Seven.  No word on Franzen and Clowe just yet.  But I want to be clear on this – the battle is NOT won yet.  Coming back to force a seventh game after being down 3-0 is not an accomplishment…not until you win that fourth straight game.

“We could’ve won all the games and they could’ve won all the games.  That’s how tight it’s been. Now, we get to go to their building, and let’s get energized and try to go in there and win a game. We have to remain calm and understand what our plan is and be poised and yet, let our determination work.” –Mike Babcock

Here are some other keys to winning from the players:

“First of all, it will be lots of fun.  We need to push more. We know it’s not easy, but just have to play simple, nothing special.  Maybe it’s a little bit pressure for both teams. It might be more confidence, but we know it’s going to be a hard game, a tough game.” –Pavel Datsyuk

“Be poised with the puck, make a play when you got to make it.  Don’t get frustrated, don’t take stupid penalties. When you shoot, hit the net. Little things like that can really turn it.” –Danny Cleary

I want to squash any thoughts of “well at least they made it this far” right here, and right now.  Anything less than a dismantling of San Jose and ousting them from the play-offs in their own barn tonight is a terrible failure.  We can do this people…believe it.

I’ll leave with words from the opposing coach…because they ring true for both teams.

“It doesn’t matter how we got here. It really doesn’t.  What matters is how it ends.” –Todd McLellan

Tonight, we make history.  Game Seven…bring it.