Highlighting the Lowlights: The 11/1/11 Debacle

This is the last time I’m going to talk about calls and non-calls. At least until something new comes up.

Here we have a few screenshots that account for about 2 seconds of the game, but basically tell the whole story. (Minus the part where Josh Harding was amazing. Again.)

Zetterberg, Stuart and Kronwall are on the ice trying to kill Franzen’s penalty for goalie interference. Harding was about two yards out of his crease when Franzen was pushed into him, but the refs seemed to be cracking down on goalie interference all game. After all, that was Detroit’s third trip to the box for that very infraction.


But no. Devin Seto-Something-or-Other skates right into Howard, who is actually in his crease. No one pushed him into Howard. Worst of all, Dave Jackson is watching it happen. On other angles, you can see that Jackson is saying something to them. I don’t know if he was addressing Seto-What’s-His-Name and telling him to stop interfering or if Howard had yelled for a penalty and Jackson was telling him he’s not Josh Harding. Either way, he locks on and continues his chat while Kronwall and Koivu race for the puck.


Howard still has a toolbag in his space and Dave Jackson continues to watch, but do nothing about it. Meanwhile, Koivu has gotten to the puck before Kronwall. Rather than play it back to his defenseman or grinding it out against the boards, he jumps straight back into Kronwall’s face. Was it an elbow? Doubt it, but maybe. It was definitely up. Koivu also jumped into the hit and Kronwall was not even close to being able to play the puck.

A similar play happened earlier in the year when Bert made shoulder to shoulder contact with a guy who was going to play the puck. It was called interference and cut a Red Wings’ power play short. I’d like to think that Jackson would have called Koivu is he had been watching, but I’m not so sure now. He had two to chose from and called none.

I don’t know that this is a rule 48 violation. It wasn’t a blind-side hit and it’s hard to tell if Koivu targeted Kronwall’s head since he couldn’t see where his head was. Games like this happen and they’re never easy to take. It always sucks to watch the lesser team celebrate a win they don’t deserve, but it sucks even more when it’s part of a 5 game winless streak.

I’m thinking we need some Defiance on Thursday.

Yup. Defiance.