Highlighting the Lowlights: Powerless Power Play

Who’s ready to relive last night’s 60 minute nap? I know I am!
The Red Wings kept getting power play opportunities, but never even came close to scoring. A lot of that was faceoffs and a lot more was a lack of hustle. And to give credit where it’s due, plenty was because of the St. Louis PK.


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Blues win the faceoff. The two defensemen race back to the corner, but only Franzen chases the puck. The result:


An easy clear for the Blues. Cleary is cancelled out by his man and Franzen is taken out by his, leaving the Blues defenseman alone to clear the puck.


On the next trip up the ice, Cleary carries the puck along the boards. If he is going to pass the puck, it will have to be to Pavel and it will have to be right now. If not, the two defenders closest to him will surround him an force him to rush a pass into traffic. He continues to carry it.


Now Cleary has no option but to try to force a pass back to Lidstrom. If it works, Lidstrom will be very open and have multiple lanes to pass to or shoot, but the Blues have Cleary so well covered, that it’s another turnover.


Next attempt up the ice, Datsyuk is carrying the puck. Now one defender has to try to cover both skaters. Pavel moves left a bit in order to give Cleary more space, then gives him the puck.

Now Cleary has space and options. He can pass it back to Lidstrom, or dump it softly into the corner for Pav. The Red Wings spent the next 45 seconds in the Blues’ zone and actually shot the puck a bit, but didn’t really come close to scoring. Still, a power play is only as good as it’s entry and last night, it was not good more times than not.