Highlighting the Highlights: Can’t Get Setup

What are we now? 1-19? Nice.

Since the Wings are 4-0, having a poor PP ain’t all bad, but it will be once our luck runs out. Now, once the Red Wings are able to get setup, they get chances. Chances lead to goals. Goals lead to wins. Wins lead to happy weekends (since that seems to be the only time they play now). But getting setup has been a big part of the problem:


Standard faceoff. Franzen is taking the draw for Val who was tossed moments before. Cleary is the right wing, with Kronwall and Hudler covering the point.


Franzen ties up the center and waits for help from either Cleary or Filppula. Cleary heads to the net and Val isn’t fast enough as the Wild winger moves in to clear the puck. So there goes some time.


So Kronwall carries the puck through the neutral zone like he usually does, but this time there’s no one behind him for the drop pass. Instead, he passes to Cleary. He’s open and does collect the pass, but…


The Wild pick him up right away. He has to dump the puck in deep, or risk losing it at the blue line. The Wild defenseman sees this and heads that way.

The Wild surround the puck and overpower Cleary and Franzen to clear the puck. 22 seconds have gone and the Wings have not even come close to setting up. Hate to sound negative since the guys are 4-0, but it’s hard to rave over a PP that’s chugging along at 5%. They’ll be fine, though. Tomorrow or Wednesday we’ll take a look at what’s going wrong when we do get setup.