Hey Kenny, Take a Look at Jonas Gustavsson

I’d love to see Ken Holland turn back the clock to 2002 and pick up Brad Richards or a David Backes (since it appears that St. Louis is having a fire sale, Brad Boyes for a 3rd rounder, seriously?)  But since that’s not going to happen, I do have my eye on one particular player that should be available: Toronto goaltender Jonas Gustavsson.

As Toronto has a shorter attention span with goaltenders than an ADD child in a house of mirrors, Gustavsson has gone from the savior of Toronto to currently rehabbing in the minors behind James Reimer and J.S. “I’m a Manatee” Giguere.  Now he’s struggled this year, but from what I’ve seen from him, he appears to combine athleticism, size and a quick, modern style.  I think we could get him for a 2nd rounder and he’s got a reasonable salary, signed for 1.35 for this and next year. 

Now this isn’t supposed to be replacement for Howard, nor even for him to jump ahead of Osgood.  This is for next year and the years after that.  He’s a failed prospect for another team who showed promise.  Sound familiar?  Except I think that he’s got more upside than Cleary or Eaves did. 

And he’s Swedish.  So it just makes perfect sense.  And remember this?  I’d like to have this in the Winged Wheel.