Helm Says Enough is Enough – Plus More Nabby Talk

When you saw Hudler pass it on the 2-1 to Helm, you know you swore at your TV.  Don’t lie, you did.  But the little midget made the right play and Helm buried that son of a bitch to finally kill off the bastardly Blues and finish what has been a hell of a day in Wings news. 

On the Game:

So like any druggie, we saw a period of strength going into the game; the Wings scored the first, then second, then third goal.  Things were looking beautiful.  Then came the relapse.  Same ol’ s#@t.  

But what separates the Robert Downey Jr’s from the Ted Williams’ of the world is the ability to come back out of that relapse to beat the thing and the Wings did.  Halak made a fantastic save on Abby with seconds to go and Helm buried it off a pretty feed from Happy. 

All in all, we have to remember what we’re working with.  The middle two lines of our team in shambles.  Our grittiest D out.  Yet we are still picking up points.  Gotta stay positive.  

On Wings Fans:

Today’s Nabokov talk, coupled with the Wings’ injury problems and lackluster play recently, have made Wings fans go mad.  Madder than usual actually.   Over at A2Y I saw the madness first hand:

If I were Kenny, I would make a deal to trade Hudler for Nabby with one of the teams that has first dibs

Nabokov, if he gets through, would upgrade the Wings’ goaltending right away…I wouldn’t place him as the blame for the Sharks’ playoff collapses, but just another piece to the many reasons why they didn’t win.

I think the better option would be arrange for Leighton to pass through re-entry back to PHI, and acquire him instead.

The Wings biggest weakness this year has been their defense/goaltending. I’d take Nabokov in a heartbeat and wouldn’t be surprised if he’d earn himself the starting job in the playoffs.

I’ll tell you right now the Wings are going nowhere in the playoffs with the defense and goaltending as it stands.

And the clear winner showing the of our loss of sanity as a fanbase:

The Devils claim Nabby, then turn around and trade him to DET for Jimmah.  I don’t think Jimmy can get us to the promise land. 

Though just a few weeks ago we we’re declaring Jimmy to be a sure-fire all star, now, year two into his NHL career after almost being named rookie of the year, we’ve decided to give up on him for a 35 year old netminder who’s never won anything?   Have we forgotten what Nabby has done in the playoffs (nothing)?  Now we’d rather have Nabokov, or god-forbid Leighton over our Jimmah?  Have we totally lost our minds? 

Back to the Game:

I thought Jimmy was going to give everyone the middle finger with a stellar performance tonight.  He started great and the goals weren’t his fault, but he didn’t close it out like I had hoped.  

But our boy Happy (who still seems to be getting sh!t, even though he’s picked up the pace) responded with a hell of a night.  3 points and he earned ’em with a strong game.  I’m telling you, its only getting better for the little pimp.  

Great for Kindl to finally get a goal (and a point for god’s sake). 

Last thought on Nabby:

I doubt he’ll clear waivers, so on first glance it doesn’t make sense. But as SYF put it at A2Y

It appears that the Wings are wording his contract with the NMC to give as much power and authority in Nabby’s hands so he can eventually end up with the Wings.

I’m not sure what I think of this all.  But, as usual, in “Kenny We Trust.”