One Hell of a Series


The Wings were nothing but defiant.  

Down three huge players.  Down three games to none.  They were defiant till the end.

Just one goal short.  


They gave it all we could ask for.  And I for one, respect the hell out of ’em for it. 

Now quickly, a few things that weren’t the reasons for the Wings’ loss.

The Referees

The refereeing was fine.  Fair calls for most of the series, especially after game two and on.  

The Goaltending

In fact, the goaltending was the reason the Wings were even close.  Howard was great and deserved much more praise than he was given.   Niemi was solid and made the saves he should have, but was not the gamechanger the announcers made him out to be.  Still a very solid performance at both ends of the ice. 

Joe Thornton

Pierre and “Jonesy” were down on his balls the whole game, but he was no better than slighty above average.  Pavalski, Clowe, Couture and Setoguchi were the reasons that the Sharks won.  Some incredible efforts and players there.  But not little Joe, not even close.  

In the end, it was a great effort from Pavel, Zetterberg, Howard, Kronwall, Lidstrom, Helm and Stuart all series long.  Other players chipped in at times, but we just needed a little more, just a little more often. 

In the end, all we can do is say thanks for an incredible series and look forward to next season.