Happy Hudler’s Magical Mystery Globe-Trotting Travels


When Jiri Hudler bolted for the KHL after the 2009 cup finals many fans were disappointed and confused as to why he would leave such a good thing behind. Sure the money was great, but the stability of the KHL and HC Dynamo was questionable at best. Why would he trade a top-six role on an NHL powerhouse for the frigid Russian winter?

The Wings and Hudler parted ways for a full season, and little was known about what he had been up to while overseas. Sighting began popping up across the globe but none were ever confirmed.

Until now…

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Recently some pictures have come into our possession that shed some light on what really happened during Happy Hudler’s mystery year abroad.

Here are those pictures.

Found here in a weekend getaway to Egypt…

At the Oscars with Selena Gomez… Take that Beiber.


Sunbathing in Paris…

Hanging out with the guys of Yo Gabba Gabba…


Disrupting the space-time continuum with Doc Brown…


Helping Santa check his list…


Partyin’ it up with Kristen Cavallari pre Jay Cutler…


And out at a Russian discotheque with some lady friends…

The evidence is piling up, and the photos keep coming. Where will Hudler show up next? Tune in next weekend for more crazy hi-jinks from Happy Hudler’s Magical Mystery Globe-Trotting Travels.

If you or someone you know has evidence of Hudlers whereabouts in 2009-10 and would like to share that information, please contact us at Nightmare on Helm Street.  We await your submissions.