Hank Speaks Out

“He keeps doing stuff over and over.  I think the suspensions he gets doesn’t really bother him. He keeps going out and doing that stuff.” –Henrik Zetterberg

That quote comes via the Sporting News.  Hank seems to have strong feelings about this issue – and why not?  When the next person injured by Cooke could be him.  Oh and Hank doesn’t want Cooke out just for the regular season…he thinks he should be out for the post season too.

“We have to be harder on suspensions. Especially guys who do this over and over again.  We have to respect each other as a player. You can’t go out and hurt a guy like that. It could be career-ending.”

Yeah…you tell ’em, Hank.

Cooke had a face-to-face with Colie Campbell today which we’re still waiting to hear the results of.  Campbell has had many opportunities to make an example of someone over the past few weeks, maybe it will FINALLY take place.

In the meantime, let’s hope the Wings can prepare for tonight’s game knowing that there’s one less cheap shot artist they’ll have to worry about tonight.