Glimpses of the Future: Brendan Smith Edition

One and a half months in and it’s already been an interesting year.  We’ve seen great streaks, including 5 and 4 game win streaks, plus that horrid six game goalless (close enough) streak.  Click the jump for details on the new guy.

We’ve seen new faces as well. From the success of White, to the future in Nyquist, the untapped potential in Brunnstrum, the rebirthing of Kindl, the mundane in Emmerton, and the unused Commodore, we’re had a look at a lot so far. Well tonight we get to see someone who’s been heralded as Lidstrom’s replacement, Brendan Smith, in action.

Babcock is excited and boy does he babble:

“We think he’s an NHL player. He’s got to play, we got to find out,” Babcock said. “There’s no better place than here. It’s always a good building to play in. They’re a good team. You play against real good players.”

Jesus man, take a breath. Short choppy sentences. Anyways Smith will be playing with Kronner today (provided the lines don’t change.)

“My game is a lot of speed and making a first, crisp pass, and I won’t get myself in trouble,” Smith said. “I get to play with Kronwall. I think he’s one of the most underrated defensemen. So, I’m going to listen to him. He’ll be talking a lot. Biggest thing is to make the easy plays.”

He’ll be taking the place of Commodore, who again hasn’t had a chance to make a difference, positive or negative yet.  His six minutes of ice time is pretty negligible.

Looking forward to seeing how the kid does against the perennial baby, Jumbo Joe and the rest of the crew.