Gameday Movie Poster: Wyatt Earp

Today’s movie poster is something special.  They’ve all been great, but this one is pretty amazing.  I usually write a little fable for each movie poster, but this one is so epic, I’ll let the Josh introduce it and his thinking behind it.

Hit the jump for the introduction and poster, you don’t want to miss it.

Josh Howard Presents (Jimmy’s long lost brother? Maybe…):

When I thought of this game, the first thing I could think about was those lumbering buffalo.  I wanted to do something special for Holmstrom after his amazing play.  He looks far younger on the ice in the past month and there’s no reason to think his eye-hand coordination is going down.  This leads me to the movie poster. 

I chose Wyatt Earp because if I remember correctly, he ALSO liked hunting buffalo.  The man went from nowhere to somewhere and managed to hang on far longer than anyone ever expected despite a hard life.  Eerily similar to Holmstrom?  Definitely.  Holmstrom takes more abuse that anyone on the team, yet manages to hold his ground and bash in pucks whenever the chance arises. 

So, here’s to hoping that like Wyatt Earp, Holmstrom goes out there and slays some buffalo… in Buffalo.  If he doesn’t enjoy it, at least I know I will.  Go out with a bang sir Holmstrom.  You are THE man in front of the net still standing after all these years.