Gameday Movie Poster: Public Enemies (Plus An Announcement!)

So we won the other night… but it’s not over.  We’ve got the target on our backs.  Teams want to crush us now while they can, all so they don’t have to see us in the playoffs.  They think they are so smart.  They think they have talent.  We’ll show them.  We’ll show them we’re tired of being smeared and told “we are as bad as people say” (Puck Daddy sucks!). 

No.  No more.  Tonight we again will take our destiny into our own hands and protect ourselves.  Go out, get the 2 points, and get another W for the man with the C on his chest.  Click the jump for the announcement and line-ups.

*  *  *

Announcement(!): On a related note, have you noticed that the movie posters have been phenomenal lately?  Well that’s due to the fact that the very talented Josh Howard has been helping out NOHS in the graphics department.  Well, good news, his work is going to become a permanent fixture here.  That’s due to the fact that he’s joining the team as NOHS’s official photoshop guru and we’re very excited.  So get ready for more incredible gameday posters and keep a lookout over the next months for some other great additions. 

Line-ups: So there’s a flu bug going around and Bert and Huds are under the weather, but Huds will be skating tonight.  Brunnstrom stays in the lineup on the 4th line, but Commodore won’t be.