Forsberg is Back…to Being Retired

I wasn’t even going to comment on this because I knew that he’d either be hurt before you know it, or….

Colorado Avalanche forward Peter Forsberg’s comeback is over.

The 37-year-old, who signed a one-year contract with the Avalanche last week, is holding a news conference on Monday to officially announce his retirement from hockey.

That from the Montreal Gazette today.

When my buddy texted to let me know that Forsberg was back, my reaction was “he’ll be on IR before you know it”.  Turns out the IR I used stood for “Idiot…retire”.  The great Forsberg experiment of 2011 was extremely short lived.  The former Wing killer went -4 and had 4 PIMs in the two games that he played

How the mighty hath fallen.  This is the second non-Red Wing story posted today…but who cares?  When Pittsburgh and Colorado are pissed…I’m happy.