For “Bold December,” Conner Called Up

Seeya Fabian!  As apparently Babcock wasn’t impressed with his performance last night, Babcock and the clan sent back to GR the Swedish forward and recalled not Nyquist, but rather Michigan bred, Upper Peninsula educated, Chris Conner.

“Conner is one of the leading scorers in the AHL. He had a real good camp,” general manager Ken Holland said. “Let’s give him an opportunity, let him show what he can do.”

Click the jump for more on Conner, plus an incredible Pavel quote:

Conner clearly deserves the chance.  He’s been taking the AHL by storm so far, scoring 23 points in 20 games, leading Grand Rapids.  He’ll go on the road trip with the team tonight to Buffalo and should take Eaves’ place on the third line.  A road trip which starts the what our own quote machine, Pavel Datsyuk, has called a “Bold December.”

“Now we have big road trip,” [Pavel] said. “December coming. Bold December. It was mustache November, now bold December.”

What a guy, that Pavel.  Conner is a fast little guy (he’s 5’8”, at best) and should make that line one of the fastest in the league.  He’ll should fit in well I think, as I was impressed during the few games I saw him last season with Pittsburgh.  As the Pensblog put it in their season recap:

He was fast; he was small; he probably showed up in Dan Bylsma’s dreams on a nightly basis.  He got a shitload of playing time down the stretch and into the playoffs last year.  He scored 7 goals, and if we recall correctly, most of them came at semi-big moments.

And unfortunately there is one more thing they remembered about him.  I’m sure Conner wants to forget this moment…


Well thinking about it, actually, that makes him the perfect substitute for our own Patty Eaves and his penalty shot shenanigans.