Fighting For a Spot – Brunnstrom and Musak Updates

Always start with the bad news first:  Jan Mursak is out with a broken ankle for around two months.  I like Mursak, much more than Emmerton, he’s got solid speed and hands and would be a nice piece to the puzzle.  It’s a shame he can’t be on the ice to get up to speed.

Holy Jesus that looks like that hurts.

Now the good news:  Fabian Brunnstrom is looking good.  Very good in fact.  He scored the Wings only goal in their 3-1 loss to Jagr and the Flyers on Friday (which is still weird to type) and made Babcock exclaim that Brunnstrom, Emmerton and Jiri Hudler were his best forwards on the night.  

“I sure thought he was good tonight,” Red Wings coach Mike Babcock said of Brunnstrom. “We’re going to watch over a period of time. But every time you put your equipment on, if you do positive things you’re setting yourself up, so I was impressed with him tonight.

“He skates better than I expected, hangs onto the puck and makes some plays.”

Cleary pumped Fabian’s tires as well:

“I’ve been impressed with him since Day 1,” Cleary said. “Big kid, in good shape. Certainly handles the puck well, sees the ice well. He’s got a nice, little shot.”

 I love the kid’s attitude as well:

Brunnstrom has said he would be willing to go to the Grand Rapids Griffins and work his way back to the NHL, if that’s what it takes.

“I’m doing all that I can,” Brunnstrom said. “I’m trying to do the best I can every shift and every practice, on and off the ice.”

He wants to be an NHL’er and will do whatever he needs to do make it.  Now I have to give full disclosure here, I’ve been moving and haven’t been able to catch more than a few minutes of any game (though I have watched the highlights), so I’m not able to comment on who should be picking up the last forward position.  Emmerton seems to be doing well with what he’s got, and now so does Brunnstrom.  I haven’t heard much of Johnson either.  With Mursak down, there are probably two finals spots open; it’s going to be interesting to say the least.

What are your thoughts? Who should be the last two guys?