Feeling Superstitious Baby?

Greg Dulli was, some time ago, and whenever the playoffs hit I am as well.  It’s Game 3 with a 0-2 hole to dig our way out of, and the stresses have begun to affect my sleep.  I sure hope I’m not the only Wings fan that has dreams of how hockey games will turn out before they happen…

It’s not prescience, and it’s not ESP or déjà vu, but it is a bit awkward.  Anyway the time has arrived to break out the big guns.  Wearing your lucky shirt isn’t gonna cut it.  Eating your favourite meal before puck drop…still not enough.  Drinking only the right beers that have been proven to accomplish two things:  get you drunk and help win playoff games, is a must.  Everything, from the tinfoil hat to the lack of pants to the placement of my inhouse nonliving octopi, it’s all getting switched to maximize the affect of superstition and compensate for that dreaded feeling of I’m forgetting to do something important that plagues we seasonal Obsessive Compulsive Disorder sufferers.

Did I remember to throw an egg against the hill behind my house this morning?  I’ll do it this evening.  Did I wash my hands before I touched my Red Wings hat and put it on?  Really need to remember to do that next time.  And most importantly, have I scheduled my work such that I’m prepared to sleep in after blacking out after Game 3, either in celebration or in mourning?  Thankfully, that’s already taken care of.

I wish I could let you kids in on other superstitions, some of which I will try and introduce during the course of Game 3, what with the elite company I keep and all.  But unfortunately, this little twisted description of how badly playoff hockey hurts my mind and my soul is all you get.  Anyone else have any weird superstitions?  I’d love to hear them.  I heard a few from the H2H2 crowd and I always love to hear it, because it makes me feel less insane.  Less likely to be admitted by my family in their attempts to save me.