F&#% The Blues and Their “Fans”

Rivalries are one of the greatest things about being a hockey fan. We rib each other about losses, standings, bad plays, but there is always one classless “fan” that ruins the fun for everyone.

The Blues “fans”, one in particular just made their case for worst sports fan ever.

Updated with the actual list + notes

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I usually reserve the “fan” (with air quotes) for the Blackhawks, as there are only 3 true Hawks fans in the entire city of Chicago, while the rest are just clueless bags of dog $#!% that don’t know a single thing about hockey beyond Jonathan Toews and that %#@&-bag Patrick Kane. They spew nonsense and derogatory comments about mothers, sisters, even your children.

That was until I became aware of a post written over at St. Louis Game Time from the Wonderful, classy gents at WIIM called 11 Signs You Are A Red Wings Fan had a few zingers thrown in, but mostly uninspired filler.

Yes I can take a joke, yes Detroit has bad areas, yes people jumped on the bandwagon in 1995. But why do you feel the need to attack the economic plight of the hardworking amazing people that make up, in my opinion the greatest place on earth to live. Detroit built this nation with the kind of innovation and forward thinking that still holds true to this day. What has St. Louis ever done? That’s right, nothing. Just a stupid arch and crappy beer.

We are all going through tough times and St. Louis isn’t immune to this. I’ve been there many times, its empty, no one wants to live there, and their crime rates are actually higher than Detroit’s when you look at overall crime (which tells the true story) and not by population. St. Louis has Ghetto’s and burned out buildings just like any other major city.

But that’s not the worst part of this article, I can take that stuff in stride even though it has nothing to do with hockey. What made my jaw drop about this was actually one person in the comments section that made this statement that took things too far.

It comes from dablues7 “12. You think Vladimir Konstantinov was a good Defenseman….. whereas at least one person here thinks he was just a cheap shot artist that got what he deserved……” he even uses this in his tagline “I still maintain Vladimir Konstantinov got what he deserved…If you can’t handle that then kiss my ass……”

All I can say to that is WOW!. What an ignorant #%^! How could anyone wish something like that on another human being? This is a game, it’s not war. These guys play hockey, a sport where hitting and fighting are not only a huge part of the game they are taught how to do so. To say that a human being deserved to be handicapped no matter what you may think they did to deserve it is wrong, and you should be ridiculed mercilessly for doing so. And furthermore how dare you take something that was written as a farce and turn it into something so ugly.

Graham at WIIM had a good point. “This is the same fanbase that idolizes Chris Pronger. Yet, if Pronger were to be injured in a car accident and had his career ended, I would be sad, because it had nothing to do with him as a hockey player, and was simply a terrible accident. Then again, I’m a good person”

Lets take a deeper look at this list .

Top 11 Signs You’re A Red Wings Fan

11. You think Chris Chelios‘ restaurant is a really fashionable place. To get shot. (Chelli’s Chili in Clinton Twp is partnered with Andiamos. Its a very nice sports bar.)

10. On your unemployment form, where it says city you put, “Hockey Town.” (Its one word – Hockeytown)

9. You think the NHL was invented in 1995. (The NHL died in 95 to Blues fans, and resurfaces once a year for about 10 games until they show that they are really just a bunch of bums)

8. You think Gordie Howe is Steve Yzerman’s dad. (We know that Gordie is the father of Mark Howe)

7. You wear a Wings sweater to a game in St. Louis with the Canucks in town. (That’s because we’re EVERYWHERE!)

6. You don’t read most hockey sites on the Internet because they’re just jealous. (I don’t need to read other sites because they are full of nonsense, case in point.)

5. In the heat of the moment in bed, you yell out Lidstrom’s name. (I’ll give you this one)

4. In your universe, Kris Draper and Kirk Maltby were good hockey players. (If in “our Universe” you mean reality, then yes Drapes and Maltby were amazing hockey players that would rival any teams best penalty killers and defensive forwards)

3. You don’t even need a Stanley Cup Final series to burn part of Detroit to the ground. (at least we know what it feels like)

2. Thanksgiving dinner was catered by Little Caesars. (Yum!)

1. You can’t take a joke. (and you can’t write one.)

Cup Count

Detroit: 11

St. Louis: 0

Let’s let the teams settle this on the ice