Expensive Road Games

Here’s look at some pricey upcoming road games thanks to our partners at Tiq IQ:

Anyone with an extra $1,201 laying around (plus travel expenses) can go to all the remaining games on that graphic.  Oh and just for kicks…let’s see what travel expenses would be:

1/11 flight from Denver to Columbus – $264.00
1/14 flight from Columbus to Pittsburgh – $270.00
1/19 flight from Pittsburgh to Ottawa – $214.54
(Have yourself a nice little stay in Canada’s capital)
2/1 flight from Ottawa to Boston – $323.95
2/12 flight from Boston to Buffalo – $39.00…no, really!
(Make sure when you’re in Buffalo, you visit beautiful….ummmm….well…just don’t beat up any cab drivers)
3/4 flight from Buffalo to Phoenix – $139.00
(Hope you packed the sunscreen and why don’t you go visit Sully and Bingo Bango Jessie during your time in the Grand Canyon State)
4/9 flight from Phoenix to the Windy City – $187.00

And upon your arrival in Chicago, I’d be more than happy to buy you a beer after spending $2,638.49 (not including hotel expenses) to travel around following our beloved Wings.

Alright…I’d buy you two beers.