Emmerton Sits – It’s About Time

I have to admit, it is sort of strange for the Wings to be playing the same team back to back, five days apart.   I know there was a game scheduled on Saturday, but last I heard they cancelled that for some reason, right?  At least that’s what I recall. 

Anyways, we have a line-up change tonight for our game against the Jackets.   For the first time of the season, rookie Cory Emmerton will not be in the lineup.  (Credit to DetCapC19 for finding this.)  And, by god, it’s about time.

I like Emmerton.  He seems like a good kid and he works hard.  But he’s not ready for a permanent position in the NHL.  And he’s certainly not bringing more to the table than Eaves, Miller or Holmstrom, guys who have been regularly on the scratch list lately.

Emmerton scored a goal in his first game this season, but he’s not there for his scoring touch.  He’s there to be a Draper and shutdown the other team.   Yet Eaves is better at this and is a better penalty killer.  Emmerton hasn’t seen much ice time as a PK man.

And as far as his scoring touch goes, he’s certainly not as strong offensively as Miller.   Nor is he as strong.  I’m not a Miller fan, but I do this he adds more than Emmerton.

Compared to Homer, he fills a fourth line role better, but Homer adds that intangible factor to the  powerplay.  Emmerton is more likely to ride home on a drunk unicorn than to see time on the powerplay  at this point in his career.

Simply put, he had a great first game with Detroit.  But that shouldn’t have vaulted him ahead of any of these players as far as ice time.  He needs to get bigger and meaner before he can consistently add anything of value to this team.   Otherwise, to me, he’s nothing more than a placeholder until we can add new talent.

That being said, I would have said nearly the same thing about Kindl last season.   And, as I’ve already admitted, I was completely wrong about that one.

What do you think?  Has he earned a spot in the lineup?  Tell me I’m wrong in the comments.