Ducking Responsibility

No matter what happens in a game, players and coaches blame themselves for losses and praise others for wins. That’s how it should be and that’s one of the things that makes hockey so great. But sometimes you find an organ-i-zation that likes to point to anyone and everyone but themselves; no matter how poorly they play, blame someone else.  Click the jump for more.

One such organ-i-zation resides in Anaheim, California. After skating around in circles and watching the Red Wings play hockey for 60 minutes, the Ducks retreated to their locker room to sulk and blame.

“What happened was he said too much, I guess to the referee on the initial unsportsmanlike and then he gave 10 when he said something,” Ducks coach Randy Carlyle said. “And I guess after they scored the goal, he went by the penalty box and said something else and he threw him out.”

That sure is a lot of guessing, Randy. For someone who had a front row seat to your team’s suck-fest, you’d think you’d be a little more sure of yourself. I actually do hate it when refs throw guys out for arguing with them, but it’s the Ducks, so it’s not a problem.

And then they discuss the goal that was called back.

“He just called it,” Perry said. “Whatever he called it, not intentional interference or whatever it is. I thought I was outside the crease. I looked down and I didn’t see anything. It’s just one of those things. I guess he (Howard) came out and hit me and fell backward. I’m allowed my ice. It can go both ways.”

Yes, I guess it can go both ways. And after a few years of guys draping all over our goalies, we finally see one called back. It was the correct call, by the way. I’m even surprised they let Perry off without a minor penalty, but that’s based on a couple decades of watching games officiated by this:

And at least that call didn’t come in the final minute of the game while they were down by one. That would be terrible.

And then Saku Koivu went on to add his version of the events:

“They were sharp and they were on us for the whole first period,” center Saku Koivu said. “And then a lot of times you don’t have the legs, your mind is not there. They deserve those two points and there is no question about that.”

Yeah, yeah, blame the— wait, what!? Integrity from a Ducks player? Saku, just between me and you, you may want to lay off that kind of talk unless you want to be a healthy scratch the rest of your career.

I know that some of you may think I’m a hypocrite for calling them out on blaming the refs when I blame the refs for everything in life that sucks, but I’m just a biased blogger and these toolbags are professional athletes. What that means is, they have millions of dollars and the obligation to be classy and I have no money and an admin password. It all evens out in the end.