Detroit vs Chicago: Chicago Sucks!

They call it the Madhouse on Madison, but after tonight it should be the Sadhouse. This is what we have been waiting for all year, yes it’s a regular season game, but to these two teams it’s the only game that matters.

The puck drops at 8:30 on FSD. Dont miss it.

Come inside and enjoy the ride.

Have I ever mentioned that I hate Chicago? I have lived in this depressing hell hole city filled with nothing but bars, artsy emo trash and people that just never learned any manners for the last five years. Only until recently have I had to deal with the “fans” of the Blackhawks, because as you all know the city of Chicago was awarded an expansion team in 2009. Heck, some of them didn’t even know until June of 2010.

True story. I work with a guy that had never said a single thing about the Blackhawks until they were in the finals, and then he was all the sudden an expert. He actually ordered a Byfuglien jersey in July 2010, then found out that he was traded. So what did this guy do? He returned the jersey for one with Niemi on it! This is also the same guy that started claiming Chicago was a dynasty, not knowing a single thing about a salary cap. This same guy later denounced the Blackhawks in September, because he simply didn’t like the moves they made over the summer, and stated that they were really his 5th or 6th favorite Chicago team anyway.

This is not going to be my normal stat post for today’s game, partly because the game notes for tonight have all the wrong info, and partly because I want you all to get angry, and I hope the team follows suit.

First of all over at Second City Hockey they call us SCUM (Second City Ultimate Masters). Isn’t that sort of a compliment?

The Hawks are perched at the top of the west and central with 50 points, but that’s just an illusion, because their goaltending is horrible, their defense sucks, and the only way the can win a game is by scoring goals by the dozens.

That’s not to say that the Hawks are going to go goal crazy tonight, thay have been shut out 4 times this year, most recently the other night by the Kings. If anyone can do it, Jimmy is the guy.

As reported yesterday, Darren Helm will be out of the lineup tonight and tomorrow with a tweaked groin. Tomas Holmstrom is still sitting as well, so the kids come to the rescue. I for one think that Nyquist is an NHL player at this very moment, Andersson still has a few more years before hes cracking any lineup. I would feel a lot more comfortable with Tatar, or even Brunnstrom in Andersson’s place, but it is what it is.

Jimmy Howard will go head-to-head with Corey Crawford. Jimmy is by far the better goalie in this matchup, probably the best the Hawks have seen all year long.

How will the lines matchup tonight? The Stache and the Hair are two of the best when it comes to finding the right combos to go head to head, expect some juggling.

Keep checking back for more Blackhawks hate