Delusions: An All-Hawks ASG?

Ha! But I think he’s serious. I looked it over a couple times to see if this is a joke article with a ton of sarcasm, but no, I do believe this is a real person trying to make the case for 7 Blackhawk players in the ASG.


Read more for delicious quotes:

Duncan Keith leads all Hawks in voting and this former Norris Trophy winner is sure to get in.  He currently sits 12th in points by a defenseman despite missing 3 games to injury.

Wow, no kidding? 12th in points and he missed 3 whole games? Any idea what his +/- has been like lately? No? Oh, well, I’m sure it’s solid.

Brent Seabrook sits 8th in voting and is likely to get consideration, although a case could be made for sophomore Dman Nick Leddy outing him to get into the game.  Leddy’s play has propelled him into a top 3 defenseman for most teams.

Sure, why not feature 2 or 3 defensemen from a team giving up nearly 3 goals a game.

Speaking of giving up goals:

If voting ended today, Crawford would be on the outside looking as he is currently ranked #12th.

I have a feeling 12th in the ASG voting is the best ranking Crawford will see all year.

Patrick Kane was seemingly born at an all-star game or at the very least, he was made for one.  Kane is a human highlight reel and fans across all team uniform lines will want to see a Patrick Kane at the All Star game, except for anyone with affiliations to the cab drivers of America.

You see, it was that line that made me wonder if this guy is for real, because THAT was funny.

Also making a strong case are veteran forwards Marian Hossa and Patrick Sharp, who while they aren’t locks are definitely all stars and should be chosen.

Seems to me this may be true. Maybe the Hawks should have 4 forwards in the ASG. They have 4 guys averaging a point per game and a goalie that can’t stop a beach ball. It’s like every game is an ASG in Chicago.

We can’t allow this. We all have to do our part. #VoteJimmah. Then #VotePavel, #VoteHank and #VoteTPH. We need to keep as many Hawks out of Ottawa as we can.

Update: How could I forget? #VoteKronner. Thanks to Michelle on Facebook for the wake up.

Update #2 (By Chris):  Vote #’Tuzzi.  Why?  Because it’ll piss the hell out of Avs fans.