Datsyuk Owns the Sharks

Well, how about we start off our Saturday with another installment of the “Datsyuk Owns” saga.  Today on the chopping block – the San Jose Sharks.
Here’s a little backies from this year’s Game 7…


That goal gave us hope…he made it look so easy I couldn’t help but think “why couldn’t you have done this on EVERY shot?”

Here’s another gem from earlier last season…


Again – the remarkable thing is just how easy he makes it look.  These are professionals that he is making look bad.  This is the cream of the crop and Datsyuk just torched them.  They say you have a better chance percentage-wise of becoming a brain surgeon than a National Hockey League player.  So even a rookie like Justin Braun in the this clip is probably better than 95% of the people I’ve ever played against.

Here’s Pavel showing Jumbo Joe a thing or two about how to protect the puck (and skate)…


That’s it, Joe – now go get your shine box.

More puck protection and a dish to the captain for a GWG…


And finally…going back a couple years…Pavel shows us what happens when you try and line him up for an open ice hit…


You get hurt.

So who should be next on the “Datsyuk Owns” list?