Datsyuk Owns the Kings

It’s Friday night and I’m stuck inside my home here near the shores of Lake Michigan waiting with my wife for my folks, my brother-in-law, and my very pregnant sister to arrive.  So why not go fishing for those like me wasting spending their first night of the weekend inside by a computer with the Red Wings on their mind? 

If nothing else, we’ll have something for the rest of you folks to wake up to, right?

Let’s kick this off with the most recent of editions…these two g-notes came but a few weeks ago:


For more Datsyuk-owning-King action, make the jump.

This one made Larry Murphy drop his free hot dog…right around the ten second mark:


Let’s end the Datsyuk section in dramatic fashion.  Don’t let the “HD” in the description fool you (like it did me).  But what it lacks in resolution, it makes up for in dance rave ecstasy…


I would expect Pavel to come out looking for revenge against that puck that got away against the Predators.

But do you didn’t Datsyuk was the only one who made Queens of those Kings, did you?  Maybe you’ve heard of this goal scorer…


And just for the fun of it…let’s watch Zata circle the wagons before putting it home.


…ahhhh remember when Hank was leading the lead in points?  As Mick would say, “let’s get ‘er goin’, gang.”

Game day tomorrow.  We stop this losing streak at one game.