Did any hockey outlet ANYWHERE talk about anything else yesterday?  Or this morning?  I like to put on the NHL Network every morning while I’m getting ready for work and for the first 30 minutes of the NHL on the fly was all about that little pansy getting back on the ice last night.

…and of course, the f**ker got 4 freakin’ points so it’s not like the media would understate his return.

We had a good run of not talking about Crysob for a while…but we’ll be dealing with this for the rest of the season now.

I’m not sadistic – I don’t wish the kid a short career…but I wouldn’t have been completely heartbroken if he never played another NHL game.

With that out of our system…did you know that there was other hockey games played yesterday?  Did you?  There were SIX other games that we’ll barely hear about… here they are:


Make the jump if you want to find some NON-Crosby related news…

Not very many Red Wing-related ramifications from those games last night…other than Edmonton and Phoenix staying below us in the standings and Dalls going up on us by one point.

You know how many teams in the Western Conference have MORE goals against than the Chicago Blackhawks?  One.  Only the Columbus Blue Jackets (5-13-2) have allowed teams to score on them more than our little brother from the Windy City.  Granted, Chicago’s one and a half lines are scoring more than anyone right now…but you know what they say about offense and defense when it comes to winning games and championships.  I can’t believe that they’re making us wait until December…two full months into the season to play the Blackhawks for the first time.

Here’s a depressing random thought…Steve Ott has as many goals (4) as Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg.

I saw the jerseys that Philly is going to wear in the Winter Classic…wait…didn’t they JUST play in one of those?  What do you want to bet that a Philly/Pittsburg Winter Classic is on the horizion…with the slogan “Weather You Like it or Not” <– see what I did…with the pun there?

feedthemuleFranzen is scoring just a hair over one out of five shots…that’s incredible.  The Mule has certainly put the offensive load on his back while Hank and Pav get their groove back.  Love the Mule…feed him.  Last on the team in shooting percentage (above 0.00%)…Danny Cleary.  Everyone’s favorite Newfie has only lit the lamp three times in 66 attempts – for a shooting percentage of 4.5.  Yuck.

Bertuzzi is leading the team in PIMs…awesome.

Smith is likely headed back down to GR…as White could be ready for Wednesday’s game against Calgary…much to the shigrin of NOHS Chris.  Thoughts on Big Rig aside – it will ne nice to have Ian White back in the lineup.

So there you have it, folks…my attempt to give you something other than Crosby-related news…a rarety this morning.