Coyotes vs Red Wings Recap

Anyone see that coming? Wow, what a first period.

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Everyone played well. 2 goals against and I can’t say that either were on E, even though he was out there for both. Nope. He gets a pass tonight. However, #WeWantCommie still.

You know who’s having a good year so far? Val. Duh, right? It’s like he thinks he’s a 1st line forward and is playing like it. Well, he is a 1st line forward and for the first time in his career, he seems to realize it. Good for him. And to think we could have lost him for an aged Fedorov.

Howard weathered the storm for the last 40 minutes. Wasn’t much of a storm, but you had to know the Wigs would go into their prevent defense and the Coyotes would be desperate for pride, so only giving up 2 was good.

You notice Phoenix played better as the fans left to beat the traffic? All those empty seats must have made them think they were playing at home. Thank you, thank you. I’ll be here all year.

Hudler scored again and could have put in a second. Keep it up, Happy.

Connor is fast. Having him and Helm on the same line is pretty cool. I could see them being a real pain to play against after they gain some chemistry.

That’s really all I have tonight. It was a solid win. The Red Wings could have easily given up 3 or 4 goals and played very sloppy during the last 40 minutes, but for the most part, they stayed focused. Good to see.

Next game is… hold on, I’m checking… Saturday. They’re playing the other Jets team. 7:00 EST puck drop.


Update: Babcock said after the game that Datsyuk is not expected to miss any games with his lower body injury. They really just sat him as a precaution.