Costume Contest Vote: Make Your Voice Heard!

Last night sucked, so on to happier things.  The deadline for the costume contest has passed and it’s time to find our winner. I looked over the pictures and couldn’t decide who should win, so we’re putting the responsibility on you, the reader.

Take a look at each picture, then cast your vote. Voting ends tomorrow at the drop of the puck (7:00 PM).   Click the jump to see the finalists and vote!


DSC00783  DSC00788
Description: Hello! I post on the site as ‘brandic1313″ and  I wanted to enter my costume in the contest. I decided to do a little tribute/homage to Franzen. At the end of the season last year, he was battered all to hell, but kept on trying. Because of that, my husband and I nicknamed him “Franzenstein”, he’s big, he’s ugly and he’s a machine. He’s not my favorite player, but I have mad respect for a guy who endures all that damage and still keeps on gunning for people.

So true. Makes you wonder if maybe Franzen’s awesomeness is related to his facial damage. Seems when he’s just generally ugly he plays poorly, but the more cuts, bruises and gashes he gets, the better he plays. Worth looking into. The Blackhawks logo on the skull is a nice touch, too.

Description: My gf rocking a blackeye and my helm jersey… My mom wore my dads habs jersey

The photo itself is hard to see clearly because of the bright TV, but I won’t be docking points for having a hockey game on. I’m no fan of the Canadiens, but I do love seeing original six jerseys side by side. You could have had the same picture taken 80 years ago and the jerseys would still be the same. That’s awesome.

Description:  They didn’t leave a description, but I think you can figure it out. 

The Helm Twins. These ladies providing additional proof that the Red Wings have the best fans in hockey.

baby_bertBaby Bert


Description: I give you Baby Bert…

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Baby Bert. If I had randomly found this picture on the internet, I would have assumed it was actually Todd Bertuzzi from when he was a baby. Not because of the #44 Wings jersey. Not because of the amazing beard. Nope. I would know that this is Bert because he has one hand on his stick and one hand looking for something to hold. That’s our Bert.

Once again, these four awesome fans are trying to win a 6 pack of NOHS’s Stupid Goalie IPA. Honestly, I’d give them all a beer because of their dedication to the Red Wings, but I only have so many and couldn’t ship to everyone.