Commie22’s Quote of the Morning

So after a big day yesterday where Twig’s guest post was posted on Puck Daddy, Malik’s Report, and other places, I thought we’d start today off with a nice easy post.  I’ve never really got into that Twitter thing, but I’m certainly enjoying checking into new Red Wing Mike Commodore’s Twitter.   Here’s one that had me laughing. 

  • : Puck Daddy is doing a feature right now one of the questions is “players you love to hate”. Any1 you hate playing against?
  • : Pavel Datsyuk. Would dangle me and run me over. I can handle one or the other…not both from same guy.

So true.  Those hash tags always make me chuckle, I gotta admit.

One more, just to show you the guy’s dedication to Detroit:

  • : Why dont you go out? You should be getting tail
  • : For me, August is time to cut everything else out except training.

For someone who’s fitness was questioned prior, this is good to see.