Commie22 Agrees That Pierre McGuire Is a…

Turns out that giving Mr. Commodore playing time can enhance our Twitter experience.

As my second favorite Tweeter(?) behind only @NotPavelDatsyuk (full disclosure, only two accounts I look at), @commie22 almost always makes me laugh.  And we do our best here to showcase a few of Commie’s highlights.  Today it’s on something we can all agree on:  Pierre McGuire (aka the Douche Canoe).

Hit the jump for a tiny slice of greatness.


It all starts out after Tuesday’s game against the Blues with a little Tweet asking a question:

@commie22: During warmups tonight I saw 1 of the BEST signs I have ever seen at any sporting event. I usually try not to look…but it was .

It then turned into a little game:

@commie22: Somebody must have a pic of it. I don’t want to ruin it…I would love to just post a pic.

@commie22: It was on the penalty box side of the ice…right at the blueline…right on the glass…big black bold letters.

@commie22: I will make a game of it. First one to tweet me what the sign said will get a signed jersey. To make it worth something it’ll be

I’ll admit, I laughed at the Lidstrom bit.  If anything, Commodore can laugh at himself (as he called the fact that he dressed three games in a row was like rolling a “turkey.”)

Anyways, after a few guesses, someone got it right and ended up with a Datsyuk jersey as a reward.

@commie22: We have a RT : It was “Pierre Mcguire is a plug”. Game was on versus tonight too so I got a kick out of it

That’s awesome.  It was soon followed up with this picture showing the greatness of the picture:

Great stuff.  Awesome to see the guys interacting with fans.