Cause for Concern?

I honestly don’t think so.

Last day of work for me here at the Mine, it’s been a long stretch.  Thinking of taking 4 out of 5 weekdays to do other things during the week of H2H2?  Well, be prepared to work 10 days straight, through last weekend too.  Whatever, the craziness is almost over and even though I haven’t had a chance to put much of my thoughts down I at least haven’t missed a game.

About those games, is anyone panicking?  The 19 at A2Y exist in a perpetual state of panic.  Never satisfied, those kids, so I only visit when I feel like defending the team’s honour.  Like Monday.  My truck broke down on the way home from work and I was forced to leave him on the roadside.  I also missed the first two periods.  Thanks Eastern Time Zone!  Anyway my roommate had told me I might not want to watch, as they were down 4-0 to the hated Pen(i)s and had pulled Jimmah(!) by the time he’d left to come pick me up.

“I’ve seen crazier s*** in my time,” I told him.  And indeed, that remains true.  Although the 4-0 come from behind for an undeserved point is pretty damn cool.  The other two losses, Nashville and Vancouver, have been games in which our defense and Jimmy played pretty well, we just didn’t give our goalie any help.

Last night’s game didn’t get on my nerves too much, a couple of fairly fluky goals against but for the most part the goal-tending and the defense were good enough for me not to be totally pissed.  Wish we’d won more battles along the boards but what can you do?  Crying won’t help ya.  This last little stretch of losses (3 consecutively) hasn’t been easy to bear, but it hasn’t been too terrible either.  And in my opinion, the Namesake Darren Helm has been the hardest working player during that stretch, and one of the best.  Lidstrom and Z have carried much of the weight too, even if they aren’t getting the results they want.